Our new website is live!

Our new website is live!

Hello all and welcome, 

It's taken a minute but we have finally re-launched a new website for Yok Chan's Chilli Oil. A new platform for orders, info and more.

We decided to do everything ourselves and it's been a bit of a learning curve, hence the time taken. Tasks that would have taken a specialist an hour taking us weeks etc. But it's been very beneficial and after a lot of trial and error, head scratching, and also some faffing.. it's got to a point where we can make it live. 

It's all been DIY and has taken a bit, but it's functional so we're just getting it out there!

So what's in store? Well its main function is to give people who don't have access to stores or online markets we're on, a platform to buy our chilli oil. It also has info on everything YCCO, regular updates, plus a little about us.

Thanks for all your patience and we hope you enjoy the site!

Big love


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