Our Chilli Oil
How should I use Yok Chan's Chilli Oil (YCCO)?
What can I use the chilli oil with?
Can I use YCCO as a marinade?
What other types of sauces do you sell?
Where are your sauces made?
How spicy is Yok Chan's Chilli Oil?
How come some batches are hotter/milder than others?
What is the shelf life of YCCO?
How should I store YCCO?
Does YCCO contain MSG?
Allergy and Dietary Info
Does YCCO contain any allergens?
Is Yok Chan's Chilli Oil vegan and/or vegetarian?
Does Yok Chan's Chilli Oil contain nuts?
Is YCCO gluten-free?
How will my delivery be packaged?
Can I track my order?
Do you ship to the EU/outside of the UK?
What is your returns policy?
Do you offer free shipping?
What else should I know about YCCO shipping?
Where's My Order?
Why is there stupid kitchen roll cellotaped to the top of the jar?
Why did your website re-launch take so long?
What's the maximum amount I can buy of each bundle?
There are various bundles & shipping rates, how should I order to get the best value for money?
Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
I remember the price from before, how come it has gone up?
Are there any issues or constraints when it comes to ordering?
Can we purchase YCCO wholesale?
Are you SALSA accredited?
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